Fun Facts About Sylvia Aufiero

What Is Your Favorite TV Show?

The VOICE! I do not watch much TV but I do take time out for The VOICE. It takes me away and it makes me laugh – hard! I love watching the Judges and their camaraderie with their difference in personalities.

What Drives You?

My family.  I have a very big family with a Mother and Father who sit on my highest pedestal and have paved the road to the place where I am today.

Who Is Your Best Friend?

Hands down – my siblings! They make me whole!

Who Is Your Idol?

My husband. He is a cancer survivor whose leg was amputated at age 28. Today, he is alive and lives life as if no limbs were ever removed.

What Crazy Things Have You Done In The Past?

Someone dared me to audition for The Apprentice show in 2006 and  I took the challenge! I became one of Nevada’s Apprentice finalist!